Sunday, 22 September 2013

Images of Kendu Hearth 2013.

A random sampling in no particular order from a truly wonderful trip:

the speedy baboon

amsterdam schipol

on the way


better welcome

conference - all the talks were usually held in a circle

matatu parking - downtown kampala

the three organizers: pamela acaye, aida mbowa, mumbi tindyebwa

nice bike. nice socks.

street scene, kampala

the bicycle as pickup

downtown kampala

downtown kampala

downtown kampala

downtown kampala

nova bhattacharya dances

northern uganda

on safari

acaye takes us to the market

darlyne kokukama (UG) and sarah sunde (USA)

darlyne kokukama (UG) and sarah sunde (USA)

william (one of the actors from Theatre Factory)

hanging out at buzz restaurant and bar - our conference venue

jennifer brewin (CAN), looking tiny, and pamela acaye (UG), looking dangerous

gord rand (CAN), breaking bad

conference shot

kiki katese (Rwanda) speaks with aida mbowa (UG)

my hotel

the view from my hotel: bugolobi district, kampala

binyavanga wainaina and mumbi tindyebwa cutting loose

henry - the man who drove us to murchison falls national park

me and gord on safari


me and elephant on safari

crossing the nile

nova bhattacharya (CAN), aaya musuya (UG) and sophie alal (UG)

sunrise on the nile

a baby python crossing the road

nassim soleimanpour's play White Rabbit Red Rabbit gets its subsaharan premiere, 
with donna michelle st. bernard as the reader

our boat drops us at the beginning of a hike to murchison (or, in acholi, oren) and independence (uhuru) falls, on the nile river

gord rand (CAN) downtown

the weather

some of the many brilliant artistic directors, writers, thinkers sitting around being brilliant

water buffalos

ugandan kob

female lion out hunting (very lucky to see this)

the top of murchison falls - or - by its acholi name: oren


thank you, uganda

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